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Tue Feb 8 22:46:18 EST 2000

Owen McShane wrote:

> DVK wrote:
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> > Brian Sandle wrote:
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> > > Bats are our only original mammals in NZ. What functions do they have?
> >
> > The same as sheep (talk about modifying the natural landscape!) : )
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> > Regards.
> In this context it is unwise to talk of a species having a function. It
> implies there is some great watchmaker who has designed a system in
> which bats do this and dogs do this and lions do that. In fact bats or
> anything else occupy an ecological niche. And if they don't something
> else will. The new evolutionary science is trying to take more care with
> the use of such words. For two long our language has endorsed the great
> watchmaker view of the world or the idea that evolution is deterministic
> and driven to end up with humans at the top of some biological tree. We
> are simply on end of a branch of high complexity.
> Bats have no function. They just are. Similarly it is not the function
> of possums to top feed off our trees. They just do.

er, yeah . . .

isn't that what I just said?

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