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> Subject: LANDSCOPE: Report Shows Clinton Administration Failing  Endangered Species
> LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - February 8, 2000
> Report Shows Clinton Administration Failing Endangered Species
> Last week a nationwide coalition of conservation, fishing, and religious
> organizations released a new study entitled "Broken Promises of Recovery:
> the Clinton Administration's 10-Prong Attack on Endangered Species."
> Written by Daniel Hall of American Lands, the report shows that the Clinton
> Administration's failure to implement the ESA is putting species at risk of
> extinction.
> . . . "The Administration is sacrificing endangered species by creating
> entirely new ESA programs that put business before biology," stated Brian
> Vincent of American Lands.  The report indicates that the Administration has
> been refusing to identify and "list" imperiled species as Threatened or
> Endangered and allowing developers, timber companies, the Forest Service,
> and other federal agencies to continue destroying wildlife habitat, among
> other measures.

After all, it is election time once again, eh?

Sleep with the devil . . .

>  The report is available on-line at
> Chilean Forests Web Site:  A new web site, "A Celebration of the Chilean
> Forests of the Lake Region," combines beautiful pictures of Chilean forests
> with poetry written by Chile's world-renowned poet, Pablo Neruda.  According
> to Neruda, "Anyone who hasn't been in the Chilean forest doesn't know this
> planet."  Visit the site at:
> Comments Needed on Medicine Bow National Forest Revisions: The Forest
> Service is revising the long- range management plan for the Medicine Bow
> National Forest.  Written comments are being accepted until March 1st.  More
> information is available on the web at
> or contact Biodiversity
> Associates at (307) 742-7978, mailto:biodiversity at
> Research Backs Stand On Chip Mills:  A recent study conducted by scientists
> from Duke University and the state of North Carolina found that state
> hardwood forests could be threatened by an increase in wood-chip mills.  The
> study estimated that by the year 2008 the number of trees being cut would
> surpass growth of new hardwoods.  "It's a relief to know that what we've
> been seeing and what we've been saying is supported by scientific study,"
> responded Meredith McLeod a spokeswoman from Hickory Alliance, a group made
> up of about 150 families in Stokes, Guilford and Forsyth counties.  For more
> information contact the Dogwood Alliance (828) 883-5889.
> NRDC Roadless Report Released: A new report has been released by the Natural
> Resources Defense Council detailing the scientific basis for roadless area
> conservation.  "End of the Road: The Adverse Ecological Impacts of Roads and
> Logging" is a compilation of much of the best available, research-based and
> independently peer- reviewed relevant science.

Science that obviously cares little about the handicapped!  Maybe we'll all just pay
for them to have a helocopter drop!  Why not?!?  Its only the "rich" that pay taxes

>  The report is available
> on-line at
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