Fee Demo opposition

G.T. ethant at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 9 22:58:24 EST 2000

JmG wrote:
> mzierhut at my-deja.com wrote:
> >The opposition to the Recreational Fee Demonstration Program (a.k.a.
> >Fee Demo) has grown steadily since the creation of the Program.  This
> >federal program allows the Forest Service, Fish & Wildlife Service,
> >Bureau of Land Management, and Park Service to charge access and user
> >fees for citizens recreating on public lands.
> To pay for the services provided on those lands. jeez, give it up already.

Exactly what services am I paying for?  Does the land jump up and open
my car door for me when I arrive?  When I ride my bicycle to public
land, does it talk to me and tell me where to go?  

I maintain the trails I ride and hike, I carry my trash with me, I don't
need trail signs.  Tell me, what am I paying for?  When I camp in a
campground, I don't particularly mind if I have to pay a fee if there is
a trashcan, or fire ring, or picnic table, or the like.  But why should
a free man have to pay to walk across the land?  Why?


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