Fee Demo opposition

JmG jmgreen at bestweb.net
Thu Feb 10 06:36:13 EST 2000

"G.T." <ethant at earthlink.net> wrote:

>I maintain the trails I ride and hike, I carry my trash with me, I don't
>need trail signs.  Tell me, what am I paying for?  When I camp in a

If you are maintaining the trails you ride and hike I would suggest you let the
park service know. Then chip in an extra few bucks like everyone else as it is
you pay user fees for a thousand and one other things. The next thing you're
going to tell me is that you already pay for access in your taxes.

>campground, I don't particularly mind if I have to pay a fee if there is
>a trashcan, or fire ring, or picnic table, or the like.  But why should
>a free man have to pay to walk across the land?  Why?

The land is not free, but held in trust by the people of the United States for
their use. Someone needs to maintain and oversee the health of the property. Do
you squawk when you have to pay a highway toll?


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