Fee Demo opposition

G.T. ethant at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 10 22:42:02 EST 2000

GMAN wrote:
> Jesus, if it isnt worth $10 to you to take your family for a day into a
> beautiful national park, then quit you bitching. Its totally worth it for me
> to take my family and pay for the upkeep of the park i am using for that day.
> Fucking hippies!!!!!!!!!!!

It's not about Natl Parks, idiot.  It's about basic, unimproved public
land.  Many highways cross through these public lands and in order to
just stop and take a leak somewhere in the desert when you happen to be
driving through said land on your way to work you need to have a $5
daily or $35 yearly pass.  Why!?!?!?
Fucking morons!!!!!!!!!!!


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