Fee Demo opposition

GMAN glenzabr at xmission.com
Thu Feb 10 22:55:55 EST 2000

In article <38A385C0.CF35260C at earthlink.net>, "G.T." <ethant at earthlink.net> wrote:
>GMAN wrote:
>> Jesus, if it isnt worth $10 to you to take your family for a day into a
>> beautiful national park, then quit you bitching. Its totally worth it for me
>> to take my family and pay for the upkeep of the park i am using for that day.
>> Fucking hippies!!!!!!!!!!!
>It's not about Natl Parks, idiot.  It's about basic, unimproved public
>land.  Many highways cross through these public lands and in order to
>just stop and take a leak somewhere in the desert when you happen to be
>driving through said land on your way to work you need to have a $5
>daily or $35 yearly pass.  Why!?!?!?
>Fucking morons!!!!!!!!!!!
Suck my hairy balls!!! I get total pleasure in seeing you california dickwads 
paying for the shit you do to our Utah parks,. Trashed your own parks like 
yosemite so you start coming up here and fucking up places like Zions and 
Bryce . Its dicks like you that have made it impossible to enter by car into 
zions anymore. 

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