Fee Demo opposition

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Fri Feb 11 07:09:28 EST 2000

"G.T." <ethant at earthlink.net> wrote:

>I already pay for access in my taxes.  And the revenue from the taxes I
>pay is extremely poorly managed. 

So you shouldn't have to pay bridge or tunnel fees, or drivers license fees or
gas taxes or heck, you already pay enough for everything you do.

>You know what, property is theft.  How can one man, or a group of men,
>own the land?  Did the earth tell the US it was ok for the government to
>hold the land in trust?  Why is the land not free?  Who made up that
>rule?  A greedy government?

You might ask the Hopi about that, or forget the past several gazillion years
and look at things as they are today - not as you'd like to rewrite history.

>We have no tolls, except for 3 recent private toll roads that I don't

No gasoline taxes? No surcharges to cover expenses tax collection does not
cover? Wow! You're pretty damned lucky. Then, if this is the case you shouldn't
mind tossing in a few bucks to help make ends meet.

>Oh yeah, there's more to the issue than just having to pay more fees. 
>Most think this is preparation for the government to hand off the
>program to a private company so that the private company can profit from
>land that should be free.

ABOSOLUTELY FRIGGIN WRONG - but I'm used to that by now. Handing public lands to
private industry to manage is another matter entirely and I suggest you focus on
that - because that is the real threat not the measly few bucks you're whining
about. Continue to vote Republican and you're gonna have a McDonalds at the
Grand Canyon.... or is it too late for that already?

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