Fee Demo opposition

G.T. ethant at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 11 10:28:29 EST 2000

JmG wrote:
> "G.T." <ethant at earthlink.net> wrote:
> >I already pay for access in my taxes.  And the revenue from the taxes I
> >pay is extremely poorly managed.
> So you shouldn't have to pay bridge or tunnel fees, or drivers license fees or
> gas taxes or heck, you already pay enough for everything you do.

Paying to use a man-made thing is one thing.  Why I should have to pay
to walk across unimproved open land is beyond me.

> >We have no tolls, except for 3 recent private toll roads that I don't
> >use.
> No gasoline taxes? No surcharges to cover expenses tax collection does not
> cover? Wow! You're pretty damned lucky. Then, if this is the case you shouldn't
> mind tossing in a few bucks to help make ends meet.

See above.

> >Oh yeah, there's more to the issue than just having to pay more fees.
> >Most think this is preparation for the government to hand off the
> >program to a private company so that the private company can profit from
> >land that should be free.
> ABOSOLUTELY FRIGGIN WRONG - but I'm used to that by now. Handing public lands to
> private industry to manage is another matter entirely and I suggest you focus on
> that - because that is the real threat not the measly few bucks you're whining
> about. Continue to vote Republican and you're gonna have a McDonalds at the
> Grand Canyon.... or is it too late for that already?

I vote Peace and Freedom.


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