Olive culture in CA - please help.

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Not sure if the price has spiked...this project is an 'amenity' 1000 acre
ranch. Must be nice to have that level of discretionary income.


Mike the Tree Doctor

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> Mike the Tree Doctor wrote:
> > Folks:
> >
> > I'm about to undertake a project re: olive cultivation in California.
> > anyone have any pertinent links??
> Just in case you missed this response to Larry Caldwell's recent question
> about olives, here are some links.  Has the price of olives gone up, or
> If so, let me know if you find any cultivars that will grow in southern
> England. <G>
> I just went to the North American Fruit Explorers web site at
> http://www.nafex.org/ and found a link to the The National Clonal
> Repository (NCGR) at UC Davis at
> They say they have olive material.  You might give them a call.  You might
> also email NAFEX from their web site.  That organization has lots of
> who knows lots of stuff about all kinds of trees.
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