Forest Service ABUSES

HULTGREN arne at
Sun Feb 13 02:52:17 EST 2000

This is great news. I hope the recent judge's ruling is not overturned by
one of Clinton's appointees.
(I sent a shovel, too)

This happening around here,too (in Siskiyou county California).Roads are
being abandoned (actually expensively decommisioned) because the USFS "lacks
funds" for maintenance.
kk <kelamigo at> wrote in message
news:hYBl4.185$4q3.18357 at
>Click on the following to see the heavy hand of the government using the
>Forest Service to carry out its dastardly deeds....closing roads into the
>national forests.  This road closure was a COUNTY road that the Forest
>Service all of a sudden decide belonged to IT so IT could close it.

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