Forest Service ABUSES

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> This is great news. I hope the recent judge's ruling is not overturned by
> one of Clinton's appointees.
> (I sent a shovel, too)
> This happening around here,too (in Siskiyou county California).Roads are
> being abandoned (actually expensively decommisioned) because the USFS "lacks
> funds" for maintenance.

They should have thought of that when they first built the roads- to extract
timber- the cost of the future maintenance should have come right off the top of
any profits from the timber- and if doing so would have meant no profits then
they should have been intelligent enough to realize that the timber should not
have been cut and the roads not opened up at all. If folks want to camp, hunt
and fish in their National Forests, let'em walk in.

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> >Click on the following to see the heavy hand of the government using the
> >Forest Service to carry out its dastardly deeds....closing roads into the
> >national forests.  This road closure was a COUNTY road that the Forest
> >Service all of a sudden decide belonged to IT so IT could close it.
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