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Tue Feb 15 04:55:05 EST 2000

Howdy Glen,
This is Kerry, Kerry Sorenson you might remember me from Incredible Universe. I
was working the afternoon shift in hardware sales, while I was taking non linear
optics courses and doing Laser research, ring a bell, you were working with Rulon
as a hardware tech, sound familiar? Ya know I thought you and I got along pretty
good together, we had a chance to talk allot, and I always thought you were a
nice intelligent guy, and enjoy talking with you. If ya remember about a year or
so ago I had you install a scsi card for my 6100c and upgrade my ram. I always
insisted you do my work, and my machine has been trouble free. (much to your
chagrin) Sorry I had to flame ya But the way you came across to the good "mostly"
people sittin around this cyberfire was a little terse and extreme. You don't
walk up to someone's campfire and say fuck you, that's not polite, and I honestly
couldn't believe that you were the author of this email with the ending "fucking
hippies" your email was unsolicited, and quite frankly we didn't appreciate your
unprovoked, derogatory hate mail. We didn't ask you for your opinion you forced
it on us, and it was based on hate. But as I said before, I know you, and I don't
think that if you knew some of the issues surrounding the demo program and our
"family", perhaps maybe you should have approached us a little different with a
question like; "what's your groups opinion on the fee demo program? Sorry to say,
But I think you'll agree that maybe you could have approached us a little better.
Because your my friend  I'll write it off as ignorance. Sorry I told you I was
going to publish your name on the drum circle handout, I said that on purpose
just to teach ya a lesson; that everyone is accountable for their words and
actions, and that in a large group they're not such thing as guaranteed anonymity
on the net. ( "and we have family everywhere and we're watching" just kidding we
couldn't get our shit together enough to even consense to watch someone, let
alone actually do it) But seriously Glen, I think you've been misinformed about
us, were a pretty harmless bunch, I think the worst thing that the group has ever
done is maybe duct tape someone to a tree, and make them listen to Joni Mitchell
CD's endlessly, so don't worry about us "actually if I did send someone to see ya
it'd be to do a hardware upgrade".
Now as far as the issues you've raised; the ten dollar entrance fee you mention
you'd be glad to spend for a day in the park only has one problem with us; We
don't generally don't gather on sites where they charge a fee, but when we do we
pay it. We more often gather on undeveloped lands that are completely free for
the general public to camp on. That would be like charging us 10 bucks a head to
camp in skull valley. another issue is that we're a large non organization; you
kinda have to look at us as a large communal pot luck, so it's kind of hard for
the non group to come up with the total funds the fs is proposing. "allot of
Rainbows have families" Another consideration, if this applies to our group, it
applies to you as well. Lets say the boy scouts or a LDS ward had a campout or
potluck, better keep your numbers under 75, otherwise you'll have to cough up the
same fee as us, same with groups of hunters. If this fee applies to our group, it
does to yours as well. How's that for buzzkill.
Sorry you had such a low opinion of us to write that in the first place, that's
why I flamed you so hard. I went to school with your big brother, worked with
you, then trusted you with my hardware, and then for you to email that message to
not only us, but other respectable newsgroups hurt me, and hurt the people of our
clan from this state, and made us look like assholes to the rest of the world.
thanx bro! so if I slammed you hard, it's maybe because I felt a little betrayed
by you and took it a little personal, sorry.
Do you even know what rainbows about? I wish I did, but I think it's about people
and collective synergy with people unselfishly sharing their collective
resources, and energy to a sociological microcosm " kinda a codependent
As far as us leaving our trash; at last years gathering at Buckhorn Wash we
picked up and restored several campgrounds, and remove graffiti form several
rocks, and the clan here is trying to incorporate a public service project into
everyone of our local gatherings. "This year I think we might be picking up a 14
mile stretch of road by Joe's Valley, but we can only decide that by council"
Speaking of council; We have a council coming up in about three weeks. We'll be
counciling about our second annual buckhorn wash gathering. Last year at the
opening it was concensed that we should come to that spot every year to give
thanks for the right to gather, this happened one week after the drum circle
skirmished with police, and at the opening council it was concensed that we
should return to that spot every year to assert that right, and give thanks. I
think the thing I'm trying to say here is give us a chance Glen, we're not who
you think we are. As I said before I know you, and in some respects know where
you're coming from and trust me, if you knew how much fun we had, or how harmless
we are, or were aware of our vision for a better world, I think you would have
already been on this scene. I know your brother would. So here's your chance;
we're just beginning counciling for our annual, by saying counciling let me
explain, it's a little more complex than it sounds; in order for an actual
rainbow gathering to occur, you have to jump through a few hoops in order for it
to be called a rainbow gathering. It starts with calling the first council, we'll
pass out fliers for two weeks advertising the council and the agenda, then at 2pm
the drums will stop and we'll join hands in a circle and give thanks then pass
the feather and each person will have the opportunity to speak, and at this
council we'll cover allot of the topics that are relevant to the gathering, then
at the end we'll ask for consensus to have our second council if we have
consensus on the second council then we'll advertise the council for two weeks
here in Utah and on the agr so that we'll have a chance for input also during
this time we'll be organizing the elements of the gathering; our kitchens, CALM
"first aid", seed camp, cleanup, shanta sena "Peacekeepers",  family village and
the infamous A camp. These elements and interested parties meet for our second
council, and this takes place on the actual gathering site, and again the feather
gets passed and everyone has an opportunity to speak about issues and concerns
about the logistical issues surrounding the gathering. If at that council we
haven't meet all of the criterion we have to everyone's satisfaction, then they
may block until we've alleviated them, after that we'll ask for consensus again,
and if it is reached then we'll bless the site and tarp up the same dead fall
tree we used last year. " rather than everyone cutting down small trees and
foraging for firewood we find one large dead fall tree and have a cutting crew
get all of the camps wood supply from that one tree thereby minimizing our impact
on the land. I think what I'm trying to say here is that we'd like you to be a
part of that. I'd like to give you some printouts from our website that might
help you understand us better, and I also have a tape a friend of mine made at
good medicine. Also if you'd like, we'd like to involve you in the council
process for our next gathering and also attend. We'll have a family camp set up,
and we'll have a kiddy village to keep your children entertained. I think what
I'm doin here is inviting you to join us, It'll blow every concept of reality
you've had, and change you life profoundly. Glen I think you're Rainbow, you just
don't know it yet.
Again Sorry
Ps. I want to add a DVD to my machine can you do it?
Pps. I wrote this email late Saturday night I'm glad you came out on your own and
apologized reinforces what I just wrote. I'll post my # to ya privately and we
can talk. kews

GMAN wrote:

> Jesus, if it isnt worth $10 to you to take your family for a day into a
> beautiful national park, then quit you bitching. Its totally worth it for me
> to take my family and pay for the upkeep of the park i am using for that day.
> Fucking hippies!!!!!!!!!!!
> In article <87sojh$2oj$1 at>, zierhutm at wrote:
> >The opposition to the Recreational Fee Demonstration Program (a.k.a.
> >Fee Demo) has grown steadily since the creation of the Program.  This
> >federal program allows the Forest Service, Fish & Wildlife Service,
> >Bureau of Land Management, and Park Service to charge access and user
> >fees for citizens recreating on public lands.  For the Park Service,
> >this is not new, but for the other agencies, this completely changes
> >the 100 year-old legacy of lands held in the public trust.  For
> >background on this issue, go to (Free Our
> >Forests),  or (Keep the Sespe Wild
> >Committee), or (Wild Wilderness).
> >
> >Free Our Forests, an activist group in Southern California specifically
> >protesting the U.S. Forest Service Recreation Fee Demonstration
> >Program, has compiled a list of organizations who have come out in
> >opposition to this program.  At the time of this posting, 125
> >organizations in most of the states where the program is in place,
> >including 19 national organizations, have been added to this list.
> >(Some of these organizations do not oppose fees in parks, and most do
> >not oppose fees at developed campgrounds that predate Fee Demo).  The
> >present list can be found on the Free Our Forests website at:
> > .  This list also
> >includes 7 California governments who have passed resolutions against
> >the program and 12 Representatives who have come out in opposition to
> >the program.  The Riverside County Board of Supervisors in California
> >will vote on a resolution to oppose the program on February 8, which,
> >if they pass it, would bring the governments opposed up to 8.
> >
> >A number of organizations beyond the assembled list of opposed
> >organizations have also been contacted and have either not responded
> >yet, or are sending the question of whether to put their names on this
> >list to the heads and/or members of their respective organizations.
> >
> >If you are a member of an organization that is not on this list, can
> >speak for that organization, and would like it to be on the list,
> >contact Michael Zierhut at zierhutm at  Please give the name of
> >your organization and any other information you would like to provide.
> >
> >Contact information would be very useful for coordinating the effort to
> >end the program; such information would not be disseminated publicly.
> >
> >If you know of any more organizations who should be on this list,
> >contact them and ask them directly if they would like to be included
> >and have them pass the information on to Michael Zierhut.
> >
> >-Michael Zierhut
> >
> >Free Our Forests webmaster
> >zierhutm at
> >
> >
> >p.s. Another item some might find interesting on the Free Our Forests
> >website is an archive (with an easy to read table of contents) of news
> >and events that have occurred relating to the U.S. Forest Service
> >Recreation Fee Demonstration Program since its inception.  This archive
> >can be found at: .
> >
> >
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> >Before you buy.

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