State Forest Costs & Returns

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Tue Feb 15 06:25:28 EST 2000

Ted Kegebein wrote:

> Excellent work, Karl.
> It seems that your state would do well
> to fire all of its state management employees
> and contract with you and JZ :)

Now you're talking, Ted. <G>
Actually, in most years, Karl and his part time helper get far
more real forestry work done (on 10,000 acres) than the entire
state mgt. crew of a dozen or so foresters on a third of a
million acres. Believe it or not, the quota of land that the
state guys have is to "process" 600 acres over 5 years. That is,
if they sell 120 acres of timber per year- that's it- their
years work. Karl and I figure that 120 acres of timber is at
most an easy months work including marking, selling, and
supervision and all other associated work.

I happen to be extremely lazy and yet I get done far more than
any individual Mass. state "mgt." forester.

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