State Forest Costs & Returns

Karl Davies karl at
Tue Feb 15 06:13:57 EST 2000

Ted Kegebein wrote:

> Excellent work, Karl.

Isn't it amazing all the cans of worms you can open with a scanner, OCR
software and a spreadsheet program these days? <G>

> It seems that your state would do well
> to fire all of its state management employees
> and contract with you and JZ :)

Really.  I understand I sold more timber and wood/pulp last year than
did all twelve of the MA "management foresters."  And they could
probably get me for less than what it costs for one of them, after you
include all the benefits, pension, secretarial, office, administrative
overhead, etc, etc.

So the state should contract with us, or maybe see if they can lure away
some good ole boys from Georgia or Texas <G> where they evidently know
how to keep expenses down below 10%.


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