WTB olive trees

Mike Thurtell connection at icon.co.za
Tue Feb 15 08:59:52 EST 2000

The University of California sells a manual on olive farming. Try their
Karl Davies wrote in message <38A3402E.9505CCCC at daviesand.com>...
>Larry Caldwell wrote:
>> I am trying to learn about growing olive trees.  I also need a source for
>> olive trees.
>I just went to the North American Fruit Explorers web site at
>http://www.nafex.org/ and found a link to the The National Clonal Germplasm
>Repository (NCGR) at UC Davis at
>They say they have olive material.  You might give them a call.  You might
>also email NAFEX from their web site.  That organization has lots of people
>who knows lots of stuff about all kinds of trees.
>Karl Davies, Practicing Forester

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