Sen. McCain Is No Friend of the Forests

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> Subject: Sen. McCain Is No Friend of the Forests
> LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - February 16, 2000
> Sen. McCain Is No Friend of the Forests
> In December Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) denounced the Forest Service moratorium
> on road construction and indicated, that if elected, he would reverse the
> roadless area protection policy now under development.  In his statement,
> McCain said that he favors local control over federal lands,

Federal lands aren't owned by the local yokels. I live in Mass. If I happened to
own land in Oregon, should the local yokels make policy on my land? McCain's a
nitwit. <G>

> which in the
> past, has meant giving logging, mining and grazing interests carte blanche
> to exploit public resources for private gain, while leaving the taxpayers
> the cleanup bill.  More recent examples of local land management such as the
> Quincy Library Group offer environmentalists little assurance that this
> pattern of exploitation will change when local interests with an economic
> stake in resource extraction are allowed to make the management decisions.

But it should be worth watching how well they do. We should hope that the Quincy
group succeeds.

> . . . Sen. McCain is no friend of the forests and should be held accountable
> for his stance against the roadless area initiative to protect 40-60 million
> acres of National Forest land.

First let's manage properly the land ALREADY road accessible. Then, when the
population of the planet reaches 20 billion, maybe we'll have to look at
roadless areas. At that point, the planet will be so trashed it won't make any
difference. <G>

>  While McCain has talked about cutting
> corporate subsidies, he has consistently voted against amendments to
> eliminate subsidies for the timber industry.

Politicians are all criminals.

>  In addition, according the
> League of Conservation Voters, Sen. McCain has supported the environment
> only 20% of the time.

Yuh, but that should be good enough for the SAF and the AF&PA as long as he
loves blasting open new roads. He's not emotional like those sissy enviros, he's
a real man- 'cause he spent 8 years in a prisoner of war camp- frying his brains
in the hot tropical sun. I give him credit for serving his country, but that
didn't make him wise. <G>

>  For more information on the environmental records of
> the presidential candidates, please see
> Colorado Public Land Managers Limit Off-Road Access: The Forest Service and
> Bureau of Land Management are proposing to restrict motorized vehicles and
> mountain bikes to established roads and trails in the Gunnison River Basin
> of Colorado until a long-term management plan is completed.  Agency
> officials cite increasing environmental damage from the vehicles for the
> decision, which affects 1.7 million acres of forests and 600,000 acres of
> BLM lands in the area.   Existing management plans for the areas left more
> than half the lands open to off-road use, leading to soil erosion and
> destruction of vegetation and wildlife habitat.

I never understand why big boys with strong legs have to ride a stupid looking
noisy smelly vehicles into the back country- acting like tough guys with no
brains. They should be restricted to riding those things in garbage dumps. <G>

> Agency Ruling Suspends Some Surface Coal Mining:  A recent ruling by the
> Office of Surface Mining (OSM) has suspended nearly all surface coal mining
> on Ohio's Wayne National Forest and millions of acres of other federal
> lands.  The ruling stems from the development of a new definition for the
> phase "valid existing rights", which previously had allowed local mining
> companies to circumvent the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act.
> Despite this victory, OSM issued a second ruling which allows underground
> coal mining to occur on federally protected lands, and almost assures that
> two million families will be put at risk from the impacts of underground
> mining.

Since we live in a plutocracy, those coal miners should be allowed to proceed-
they didn't buy politicians for nothing.

> Environmental and coalfield citizens groups plan to appeal the new
> rule on underground mining.  For more information contact the Buckeye Forest
> Council at 740/ 594-6400; mailto:bfc at
> Direct Action Conference at Ohio State University, February 25th-27th:   The
> conference will focus on the role direct action plays in creating social
> change.  Featured speakers include Rod Coronado and Ramona Africa with
> workshops and presentations by the Ruckus Society, Art and Revolution, OU
> Greens, American Lands, and Buckeye Forest Council.  For more information
> OSU SEAC at mailto:f25_ at
> LCV Releases Scorecard: The League of Conservation Voters recently released
> its 1999 National Environmental Scorecard, which rates each member of
> Congress on the most important environmental votes during the first session
> of the 106th Congress. The scorecard can be found at:
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