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LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - February 17, 2000

President Clinton Proposes Sequoia National Monument

President Clinton has announced his intention to permanently protect 400,000
acres of the Sequoia National Forest as a National Monument.  Clinton has
asked Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman to make a recommendation within
60 days. The Giant Sequoia groves have been impacted by Forest Service
logging projects which often leave individual Sequoia trees in harsh
conditions, surrounded by large clearcuts, threatening their long-term survival.

. . . President Clinton deserves thanks for protecting the Giant Sequoia
Groves, but he should do more to protect the remaining Ancient Forests still
threatened by logging.  The largest timber suppliers such as Home Depot,
Wickes and Mennards have all agreed to stop selling old growth wood
products.  Why is the Clinton Administration persisting in logging the
Ancient Forests?  
ELAW Conference March 2-5: The University of Oregon will host the 18th
Annual Public Interest Law Conference in Eugene OR.  This year's theme is
Six Billion Downstream and features keynote addresses from David Brower,
Julia Butterfly Hill, Rod Coronado and Paul Hawken.  The conference features
scores of panels and workshops on a myriad of environmental issues.  Check
out the conference website for details and registration information at

Court Upholds Snowmobile Ban on Roadless Areas in Montana:  A U.S. District
Court ruled last week that enforcement of a previously unenforced ban on
snowmobiles in Montana does not constitute a new plan subject to a new
public process.  In its 1986 Forest Plan, the Lolo National Forest
instituted a ban on snowmobile use in 400,000 acres of backcountry forest
lands.  The ban remained unenforced, however, until December 1998, when the
Lolo's Forest Supervisor issued a letter prohibiting motorized access to the
area.  The Montana Snowmobile Association then sued to overturn the ban,
claiming the Supervisor was implementing a new rule without public
involvement.  The court dismissed the challenge, ruling that if snowmobilers
wanted to challenge the ban, they needed to do so when the Forest Plan was
adopted, not 13 years later.  "The decision means that no amount of illegal
motorized use can undo a lawful decision to close an area to ORVs" said Jack
Tuholsky, of the Montana Wilderness Association, which intervened in the
case.  Montana Wilderness Association: 406/443-7350.

Forest Photo Exhibit: American Lands presents an ongoing exhibit of photos
documenting the beauty and the threats facing federal lands.   Please see to view the images.

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