CFP: Special issue of CACAIE on AI in Environm. Engineering

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                    CALL FOR PAPERS - SPECIAL ISSUE OF

                          COMPUTER-AIDED CIVIL AND


                                                            Founded in 1986


                         Artificial Intelligence In

                         Environmental Engineering


      Guest Editors: Dr. Miquel Sanchez-Marre & Dr. Ulises Cortes

The  journal of   Computer-Aided Civil  and Infrastructure  Engineering is
planning to  publish a special issue on  original and innovative Artificial
Intelligence  Applications  in Environmental  Engineering.   The technical
issues that  we expect to be addressed in this  special issue may come from
all environmental fields (aquatic, atmospheric or terrestrial environmental
sciences), showing  how AI approaches  (knowledge-based systems, artificial
neural networks, case-based reasoning,  data mining, etc.) can be useful to
the environmental design and management systems. New or improved techniques
or  methods, as well  as innovative  applications are welcome.  Please note
that  the  focus of  journal  is  novel computational  modeling. Topics of
interest include (but not limited to):

   * Synergies between AI techniques and Environmental Science and

   * Application of AI Techniques for Environmental Decision Support

   * Solution of complex real-world environmental enginering problems

   * integration of various AI technologies or paradigms

Potential  authors are invited  to contact  the Guest Editors  and indicate
their intent  to submit papers for this special  issue as soon as possible.
All papers  will be peer-reviewed  for originality by at  least 3 referees.
Please send  five copies of your original unpublished manuscript  by May 1,
2000 to Guest Editors:

Dr. Miquel Sanchez-Marre or Dr. Ulises Cortes,

Software Department,
Technical University of Catalonia,
C/Jordi Girona 1&3.
Barcelona E08034. Spain

Tel: + 34 934017334; Fax: + 34 934017014
Email miquel at and ia at

This CFP is also available at

Also,  please send one  copy to Prof. H. Adeli,  Editor-in-Chief, CACAIE,
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geodetic Science, The Ohio
State  University, 470  Hitchcock  Hall, 2070  Neil Avenue,  Columbus, Ohio
43210, U.S.A. Email: Adeli.1 at You can request a complimentary sample
copy  of  CACAIE from  Blackwell  Publishers  at subscrip at
(phone 781-388-8200, Fax: 781-388-8232).

O-O-O  Dr. Miquel Sanchez-Marre
|\ /|  Seccio d'Intel.ligencia Artificial
O-O-O  Dept. de Llenguatges i Sistemes Informatics
|   |  Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC)
O-O-O  Edifici C5-Campus Nord                Ph: + 34-93 401 73 34
       Jordi Girona 1-3                     Fax: + 34-93 401 70 14
U P C  08034 Barcelona                           miquel at
       Catalonia, Spain   

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