Large native plants wanted to BUY.

Mike the Tree Doctor mlamana at
Thu Feb 17 20:59:13 EST 2000


I am looking for large specimens of the following trees and shrubs. We
require plants of good size and character. Prefer plants located east of the
Mississippi River. You dig or we do, no problem.

Thanks in advance  :)

Water Locust - Gleditsia aquatica
Water Hickory - Carya aquatica
Rhamnus caroliniana - Indian cherry
Jack Pine - Pinus banksiana
Shortleaf Pine hybrids - Pinus echinata X taeda
Shortleaf pine - Pinus echinata
Rhodendron maximum x catawbiense = cv 'Maxecat' (large preferred)
Am. Smoketree ("Yellow cedar") - Cotinus obovatus
Ornamental white ash cultivars
Ornamental red maple cultivars
Red spruce - Picea rubens
Loblolly pine - Pinus taeda (northern provenances preferred)
Swamp tupelo - Nyssa aquatica and Nyssa biflora -
Cornus rugosa -

Mike the Tree Doctor

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