Sen. McCain Is No Friend of the Forests

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Bob Weinberger wrote:

> Among other things (much snipped)-
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> > Federal lands aren't owned by the local yokels. I live in Mass. If I
> happened to
> > own land in Oregon, should the local yokels make policy on my land?
> McCain's a
> > nitwit. <G>
> > Joe  Zorzin
> Joe,
> This is not one of your better thought out rants.  To turn around your
> statement - I live in Oregon. If I happened to own land in Mass, should the
> the local yokels make policy on my land?

No, but you will of course have to follow current environmental and forestry
laws. But you might decide to do nothing with the land, you might decide to
retain me or Karl Davies to manage it, you might decide even to high grade the
piss out of it- which will be approved by our glorious state forestry agency.
You might even decide to rape it, and pave it over with a Wall Mart. Some of us
of course, don't think you should have the right to high grade it or pave it
over for a Wall Mart.

> While the issue being addressed is the management of public land, the
> analogy you unfortunately chose addressed private land.  With the exception
> of national legislation that address national concerns, such as the Clean
> Air Act, Clean Water Act, ESA,etc.,  policy for private lands is rightly set
> at the local level.

In a general sense yes- but any laws that have to do with protecting the
environment have to use science which is not local. Some laws such as species
protection, naturally, need to be national laws- just like clean air laws and
other items which pay no attention to political boundaries.

So, what was your point? <G>

My point was that federal land belongs to all of us- and I see no rational for
locals to be the final arbiters of policy. I do however believe they should have
some input- they will probably use and enjoy the land more than non locals so
their concerns are important to the policy makers, or should be.

> Bob Weinberger
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