Who Owns United States Forests?

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theo hopkins wrote:

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> Only a question if there is a concept of ownership of land?
> King George the something or other and a lot of Brits stole it, along
> with the Pilgrim Fathers, from Native Americans, and then a lot of
> American settlers stole it through the use of terrorism from King
> George, etc.

Sure, there really is no clear title. Our entire civilization is built up on
massive crime, genocide, racism, ugliness of many kinds. Just read the real
history of America by Howard Zinn, "The People's History of the United
States". In the first few pages, Zinn describes how Columbus and his
mobsters raped, pillage, murdered and utterly destroyed the natives on the
islands- and America still worships that greaseball. <G>

> (Terrorism?? Check your dictionary against the word terrorism, and check
> that against the actions of Washington, and other white American
> terrorist guerilla leaders).
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> theo hopkins

Glad to see that not all Englishmen are sycophants of Maggie Thatcher-ism
the way most Americans are of Ronny Raygun-ism. <G>

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