Sen. McCain Is No Friend of the Forests

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Fri Feb 18 10:13:33 EST 2000

"Samuel J. Radcliffe" wrote:

> What's the point here? Should forest never be converted to other uses
> (your house, your kids' school, the farm field that feeds you, etc.) or
> do you just have a problem with WalMart?

Sure, but our society ought to do this intelligently. So much of America is now a
hideous wasteland- areas that don't believe in zoning- like Los Angeles and Houston.
Many cities are surounded by vast acreages of near identical shopping centers. It's

> If the answer is somewhere in
> between, what are the criteria for deciding what is a "right" conversion
> and what is "wrong"?

Intelligent zoning. Are you suggesting that there should be no controls on land
conversion? Is our planet infinite in size? Shall we ever call a halt to land
development? Will there ever be a limit to population?

> ...Sam
> Joseph Zorzin wrote:
> > You might even decide to rape it, and pave it over with a Wall Mart. Some of us
> > of course, don't think you should have the right to high grade it or pave it
> > over for a Wall Mart.
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