Who Owns United States Forests?

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>> Only a question if there is a concept of ownership of land?
>Right.  I guess we have the Romans to thank for that notion.
>> King George the something or other and a lot of Brits stole it,
>And of course the Romans stole "Brit" land from the Celts.
>> along
>> with the Pilgrim Fathers, from Native Americans, and then a lot of
>> American settlers stole it through the use of terrorism from King
>> George, etc.
>Yes, it's sort of like child abuse, isn't it?  It gets handed down from one
>generation/nation to the next.
>> (Terrorism?? Check your dictionary against the word terrorism, and check
>> that against the actions of Washington, and other white American
>> terrorist guerilla leaders).
>Hmmm.  Interesting thought.  I never thought of my ancestors as terrorists.
>Maybe they were.  

They were.
>In any case, the USA is now the biggest terrorist nation
>on Earth, way ahead of the competition...led by the UK of course.

Umm, no, _not_ the Brits. When we went to war, we did it in uniform, and
were a hunky-dory fully paid up Sovereign State. That's called 'War'. 

Washington and his terrorist bunch did not wear uniform (they had this
scurrilous new-fangled idea of camouflage, so I'm told, and even dressed
like peasants), and were not a lawful government or lawful government
agency. That's 'Terrorism'. <g>

theo hopkins

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