Timber via Tierra Del Fuego

Karl Davies karl at daviesand.com
Sat Feb 19 00:10:29 EST 2000

truffler1635 at my-deja.com wrote:

> From The Oregonian, Feb. 16, 2000, p D1
> Timber via Tierra Del Fuego
> Two Portland executives help a Bellingham logging company launch a huge,
> controversial project in South America

 A Bellingham logging company?  Aren't they a subsidiary of Weyerhaeuser?


>         That's when the company turned to Capital Consultants Inc., a
> Portland money manager, and Harry Merlo, the former Louisiana-Pacific
> Corp. chief executive who now works as an industry consultant.

Ah yes, Harry Merlo, late of Louisiana-Pacific, the "Ultimate Tree Nazi."  See
http://bari.iww.org/iu120/local/corporate.html and click on his smiling
slimeball face for more info on his views and "values."


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