Who Owns United States Forests?

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>> > >In any case, the USA is now the biggest terrorist nation
>> > >on Earth, way ahead of the competition...led by the UK of course.
>> >
>> > Umm, no, _not_ the Brits. When we went to war, we did it in uniform, and
>> > were a hunky-dory fully paid up Sovereign State. That's called 'War'.
>> Come on, theo.  Kosovo, Iraq?  Totally cowardly, totally subservient to
>> corporate interests.  Sovereign?  You're kidding.
>Yuh, I've always been amazed that a tiny island off the coast of Europe -
>barely noticed by my Roman ancestors (I'm directly descended from Julius
>Caesar <G>)- would one day be able to say "the sun never sets on the British
>Empire". Too bad all that great wealth they stole from the world, while raping
>and pillaging like Nazis (while politely drinking tea)- they wasted on hundred
>room mansions for their ultra filthy rich aristocrats back on their island-
>instead of investing it in education and the social advancement of the British
>people- who to this day lag behind Europe in so many ways- now that they are
>put back in their place. <G>

We had God on our side. 
Just as Uncle Sam has these days. 
Treacherous guy, God. He left us when he saw a better opportunity.
Don't trust in him whatever it says on dollar bills, he is probably
heading for China right now.
>Of course we do have to give credit to the limeys for their stiff upper lip-
>and the Battle of Britain. Stiff they might be, but cowards they're not. Now
>if only they'd get the hell out of Ireland.....
>Joe  Zorzin
>Massachusetts Licensed Forester #261

theo hopkins

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