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1 cubic metre is actually 227 board feet


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> >BTW. One cubic metre is 417 board feet.
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> >theo hopkins
> That's true enough on the face of it, but it gets a bit more
> complicated when you start converting lumber and log volumes from
> imperial to metric.
> Metric lumber volumes are figured on the actual dimensions of the
> lumber, not the "nominal" dimensions under which most construction
> lumber is sold in North America. So since the actual cross section of
> a "2 x 4" is only 65.6% of its nominal cross section of 8 square
> inches, an Mbf of nominal 2 x 4's contains only 1.55 metres of lumber,
> not the 2.36 metres the conversion tables give you.
> And in British Columbia, metric log volumes are measured on the total
> solid volume of the log, with no allowances for kerf losses or losses
> due to solid wood defects.  So a log that scales as 1 metre in BC
> would scale less than 417 fbm using one of the International or Doyle
> scales, usually by a factor of 25% to 50% less.
> Failing to take these factors into account has been the undoing of
> more than one sawmill trading across international borders...
> Larry Stamm

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