help GCSE questions that need answering..take 2 seconds!

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<< Subject: help GCSE questions that need answering..take 2 seconds!
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Yo I'm 15 using ma bro's acount... I have some questions which would take
anybody 2 seconds to answer...thanx for ur help!!!!!!!

Why are decomposition of nitrigen-containing substances and nitrogen-fixing
organisms important to plants and animals?

What chemical substance in the seedlings stimulates growth?

1) Plants need nitrates to make PROTEINS, which contain the chemical
elements C, H, O and N.
a) i) Why do alll living things need protein? [2]
    ii) What compound, apart from nitrates, do plants need to make proteins
(Hint:-the compound contains C,H and O) [2]

What process carried out by the plant produces this compound?

b) Which link in the N cycle is broken when land is used for crop-growing.

c) When crop rotation is practised, clover is sometimes grown in are year in
pastured, and then ploughed in before the next crop is grown the following
    Explain why.

d) Farmers plant 'Winter' wheat in the Autumn; it germinates and grows
slowly through the Winter, and is well established by the time the real
growing season (spring) arrives.
    Why is it (i) uneconomic and (ii) harmful to the enviroment to add too
much fertilizer when planting the seeds in Autumn


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