EPA rulings on Non-point

Doug Bartley further at inh.co.jp
Tue Jan 4 22:34:39 EST 2000

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Ted Kegebein <kegebein at planttel.net> wrote:

>We have seen the results of putting the extreme Left Wing in power,
>in such places as the USSR, Red China, Cambodia, and Nazi Germany.
>And while the milder version of the Left in Nazi Germany was concerned
>somewhat with the environment, the extremist Left purge the eco-nuts
>rather quickly.
>Free market capitalist countries, on the other hand, have an extremely
>high tolerance for the eco-nuts, and profits and prosperity have
>allowed those cultures to actually improve their environments.
>It is rather ironic, isn't it?

To the very limited extent to which there is any truth to it, yes.

Here, let's try this:

Kamchatka is about the size of California - so why don't you identify
any area you want of N. America of that approximate size and explain
how it's environment has been protected or improved under capitalism
compared to Kamchatka under Soviet rule. Shouldn't be hard, please
enlighten us.


 - DB

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