EPA rulings on Non-point

Ted Kegebein kegebein at planttel.net
Wed Jan 5 00:36:54 EST 2000

Doug Bartley wrote:
> In article <386FD4E2.3256AA83 at planttel.net>,
> Ted Kegebein <kegebein at planttel.net> wrote:
> >We have seen the results of putting the extreme Left Wing in power,
> >in such places as the USSR, Red China, Cambodia, and Nazi Germany.
> >And while the milder version of the Left in Nazi Germany was concerned
> >somewhat with the environment, the extremist Left purge the eco-nuts
> >rather quickly.
> >
> >Free market capitalist countries, on the other hand, have an extremely
> >high tolerance for the eco-nuts, and profits and prosperity have
> >allowed those cultures to actually improve their environments.
> >
> >It is rather ironic, isn't it?
> To the very limited extent to which there is any truth to it, yes.
> Here, let's try this:
> Kamchatka is about the size of California - so why don't you identify
> any area you want of N. America of that approximate size and explain
> how it's environment has been protected or improved under capitalism
> compared to Kamchatka under Soviet rule. Shouldn't be hard, please
> enlighten us.
> Regards,
>  - DB

I don't know a thing about Kamchatka, please enlighten me,
old great one.

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