Sierra Club Champs

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Wed Jan 12 09:09:37 EST 2000

Only one forester made the Sierra Club cut (my hero Aldo Leopold). Teddy
Roosevelt made it with a lot of handholding by Gifford Pinchot who was his
forester at the time.   Correct me if I am wrong but no other "educated"
conservation resource professional made the list with the possible exception of
Mardy Murie. 

   Foresters have always been at the "cutting edge" (no pun intended) of
   management and the Sierra Club can't avoid that. Foresters through history
have had some luxury to follow their own scientific instincts as most
professionals have. Several have made some good decisions... 

   Read more here for individual bios and sites: 

   Here is the list: 

   John Muir, Theodore Roosevelt, Aldo Leopold, Marjory Stoneman Douglas,
Rachel Carson, Margaret Sanger, David Brower, Mardy Murie, Jacques Cousteau,
Lois Gibbs, Chico Mendes, Ken Saro-Wiwa 

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