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Régis regis.interactive at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jan 15 11:31:04 EST 2000

The website of the french organization Transnationale is now on-line at

You will find:
reference articles on more than 40 essential topics, from GMO (transgenic
organisms) and baby milk to offshore banking, the world trade organization,
privatization of education, retirement pension, human cloning ...
the list of relevant transnational corporations
answers and alternatives.

Thanks to information collected by our network of correspondants, already
3000 corporations are listed, with their brand names, subsidiaries, major
shareholders, manager compensation, social policy, lobby membership,
corporate image...
For instance, Nestlé, Monsanto, Hachette ou Chiquita.

A search by corporation name or brand name is possible.

The website is updated daily and now largely translated in english. Access
to the entire website is free and unrestricted.

tech at transnationale.org

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