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>{and took out uk.politics.animals cos rhodies are plants}
>theo hopkins wrote:
>> one of the pheasant shoots has just planted Rhododendron (Rhody) as
>> cover for the birds. Rhododendron is a highly obnoxious and aggressively
>> invasive alien weed that totally wipes out native flora, as it puts a
>> toxin into the soil, and is a food source for no animal, nor bug, that I
>> know of, as it is toxic itself.
>Can sheep eat Rhodies? Sorry, just having some evil thoughts about changing
>my clandestine planting practices.
>There aren't that many places I can plant trees that they might survive. I
>know rhodies are all you say but if they can survive where corporate 'farm'
>plundering is destroying everything, maybe they could be better than
>sheepscape... well ok I wont do it, but I must point out that there are
>fossilised Rhodies here, they just died out in the ice age, and modern
>farming is similar in its devastation to an ice age...
>Don't worry, I have enough enemies as it is. I won't do it.
>By yhe way, I think if the Rhodie bashers are serious then they must get
>the source of Rhodies for any chance of success. I wonder where it is they
>spread from? Hmmm..

Rhodie comes from the mountains of North-western Turkey. Introduced to
UK as game cover and as an ornamental by the Victorians.

theo hopkins

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