Rhodies... was Re: fox hunting

Todd M. Bolton tmbolton at erols.com
Mon Jan 17 10:20:00 EST 2000

>From what I saw while touring, I believe the varieties that are most
invasive, at least in Devon and Cornwall, are Rhododendron catawbiense and
R. maximum from the mid Atlantic US mountain ranges.  Most of the rest of
Rhodies available on the market were hybridized to the point that they no
longer produce viable seed.

theo hopkins wrote:

> In article <3882DDC7.2BD7 at oldforest.eu>, Rowan <?.goldberryshouse at oldfor
> est.eu> writes
> >Rodos poison sheep but goats will eat them. Native to Himalayas, cool,
> >moist, hence a weed in Welsh National Parks
> I was always told that Rdodie was native to Himalayas, but the Forestry
> Authority in their pamphlets on Rhodie control say it comes from
> Northwest Turkey. But they also come from Himalayas...maybe different
> type of Rhodie there?
> Never heard of this goat thing, myself.
> --
> theo hopkins

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