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theo hopkins thopkins at thopkins.demon.co.uk
Mon Jan 17 13:17:16 EST 2000

In article <85vjf8$ddu$1 at lure.pipex.net>, Iain Kenneth
<ymk43 at dial.pipex.com> writes
>I would suggest if you really want an invasive rhodie. try ponticum which in
>Argyll has taken over massive areas of land. I believe that one plant
>produces over 1 000 000 seeds every year and the seeds can be blown up to

I haven't got my reference handy. I think you are right on the 1 000 000
seeds, but I think the distance is much less: maybe 200 meters.

However, Rhodies are a clever beast. The toxins they put into the soil
produce more or less exactly the ideal seed germination sites: a 4mm
layer of moss, nice and damp, and with no competition.
theo hopkins

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