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Thanks for the references - I will check one or more of them out.
Peter Kovalic sounds familiar somehow - does he post to bionet.agroforestry
on occasion?


 - DB

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>Kraig  Moore in Park City
>John Luckett in Elizabethtown
>Peter Kovalic in Winchester
>Doug Bartley wrote:
>> Hi, all. I am in need of consulting services on a couple of tracts
>> of mostly mature second growth - about 37 acres total, in SE Kentucky
>> (Letcher County). Any recommendations?
>> I would like to find someone with a somewhat "holistic" perpective
>> as timber production (though important) is not the primary value
>> I'm trying to manage for. Other values would include wildlife,
>> watershed, fungi production (myco-culture) non-intensive annual
>> nut and fruit production (acorns, hickory, chestnuts, mulberry,
>> persimmon & etc.).
>> I'd appreciate any responses from people, especially in that area, with
>> experience/interest in the above.
>> Regards,
>> Doug Bartley
>> Hamamatsu, Japan
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