Butternut (Juglans cinerea) decline question.

Mike Hagen mhagen at olympus.net
Tue Jan 18 12:53:55 EST 2000

Just having spent a little time back in Wisc I can agree with DVK:
bulldozers and fire suppression certainly haven't helped! The urban
development in the southern third of the state is amazing. Or appalling,
depending on where you're coming from. 

Regarding the woods in general, the remaining stands seem to all be
owned by the very well off and developers, and are apparantly unmanaged
resulting in a large proportion of poor quality, very overmature trees.
The days of the small family farmer with a back forty saved for hunting
and firewood are over. 

Understory in many of these (and several parks I visited) now consists
of dense layers of thorny brush, hickory, maples etc.,  - not that many
oak. And in an area I have known since the sixties (southern Kettle
Moraine), many (maybe all?) of the wild Butternuts seem to have died
within the last few years. There never were very many - This is quite
outside the normal range.

DVK wrote:
> Jason Quick wrote:
> > <dr-solo at execpc.com> wrote:
> > > we are having problems with dissappearing oak groves in Wisconsin too.
> > > Ingrid
> >
> > Really?  Pardon my ignorance, but what's getting them?
> Perhaps the chainsaw and fire suppression?
> >
> >
> > Jason
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