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Tue Jan 18 21:17:17 EST 2000

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> Rodos poison sheep but goats will eat them. Native to Himalayas, cool,
> moist, hence a weed in Welsh National Parks

Also native to the Pacific Northwest of North America.  There is a town 
on Mt. Hood named Rhododendron, and a town in Southern Oregon named 
Azalea (closely related).  The mountains can be beautiful when the 
rhodies are in blossom.  

In areas where they are native I don't know that they create any 
problems.  They are just one more woody shrub that colonizes behind 
forest fires and logging operations.  While they are mildly toxic, the 
native fauna doesn't seem to suffer from them at all.  Exotic toxic weeds 
like tansy ragwort cause a lot more grief in the animal kingdom.  

-- Larry

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