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>> Rodos poison sheep but goats will eat them. Native to Himalayas, cool,
>> moist, hence a weed in Welsh National Parks
>Also native to the Pacific Northwest of North America.  There is a town 
>on Mt. Hood named Rhododendron, and a town in Southern Oregon named 
>Azalea (closely related).  The mountains can be beautiful when the 
>rhodies are in blossom.  
>In areas where they are native I don't know that they create any 
>problems.  They are just one more woody shrub that colonizes behind 
>forest fires and logging operations.  While they are mildly toxic, the 
>native fauna doesn't seem to suffer from them at all.  Exotic toxic weeds 
>like tansy ragwort cause a lot more grief in the animal kingdom.  
>-- Larry
In Oregon there is a shrub called Madrone (or that's how I would spell
it, I've never seen  the word in print). Is this the same as Rhodie?
theo hopkins

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