Butternut (Juglans cinerea) decline question. - Chestnut Blight Thread

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I have in fact seen some of these bizarre tree-sized trees in the NJ
piedmont - one solid canker from the ground to 25' tall, and bearing fertile
nuts no less!!

The reason I asked re: the spread of hypovirulence is that a colleague told
be that he believes that the hypovirulizing virus/virion is quite motile in
the environment and is bound to spread widely in time.


Mike the Tree Doctor

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> >My impression from speaking with a couple of pathologists is that
> > hypovirulence may be becoming more prevalent in the wild. Any thoughts??
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> Under the right conditions for the tree and continued cycles of blight,
> hypovirulence reportedly spontaneously appears.  The right conditions for
> the tree would be an ideal site plus being released from competition in
> sun.  This may occur in areas of clear-cut so it may very well be more
> prevalent.
> I haven't seen much of it, but according to Dr. Anagnostakis at the
> Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES), hypovirulence is much
> more prevalent in the south.  Swollen blight cankers on American Chestnuts
> may indicate some resistance by the tree and/or a weakened version of the
> blight.
> Hypovirulence does not always allow an American Chestnuts to survive and
> revert to killing cankers without warning.  Killing and hypovirulent
> of the blight may exist on the same tree resulting ultimately in its
> Hypovirulence can be innoculated into some cankers and change them to
> hypovirulent cankers, but not all strains of blight will convert.
> American Chestnuts with some resistance, combined with hypovirulent blight
> can result in timber size trees.
> Griffin, G. J.  2000.  Chestnut Blight Control and American Chestnut
> Restoration. Journal of Forestry.  accepted for February publication will
> have more details.
> Ed
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