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LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - January 24, 2000

Bureau of Land Management to Develop ORV Strategy

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) announced that it will develop a 
national strategy to ensure that Off Road Vehicle use on BLM-managed 
lands is environmentally responsible, reports AP.  BLM Acting Director 
Tom Fry said, "The strategy we will develop is aimed at recognizing the 
interests of ORV users while protecting environmentally sensitive areas 
on public lands."  The agency, which manages 264 million acres of 
Federal land, designed most of its travel management plans in the 1970's 
and 1980's.

. . . ORV's present a growing threat to our public lands and the 
announcement by BLM is a good sign.  On December 9, 1999, Wildlands CPR, 
The Wilderness Society, and more than 100 other organizations submitted 
a rule-making petition asking the Forest Service to strengthen its 
regulations pertaining to the management of off-road vehicles. The 
proposals laid out in that petition ought to be adopted by BLM.  To 
support the ORV rulemaking petition and find more information visit

Hogan has ruled that the Siskiyou National Forest violated the National 
Forest Management Act by not complying with its Land Management Plan's 
Standard & Guideline for mining operations, according to The Medford 
Mail Tribune.  Hogan upheld the Siskiyou Regional Education Project 
charge that the Forest had acted illegally by approving numerous mining 
operations without mining plans.  For more information contact Kelpie 
Wilson of Siskiyou Project at mailto:kelpie at or call 

FEE-DEMO CASES DROPPED: Wild Wilderness reports that the Department of 
Justice in Idaho has dropped its cases against 15 individuals who did 
not pay recreation fee-demo parking tickets.  The program suffered 
additional blows when the local US Attorney announced that she will not 
prosecute additional fee-demo cases and the Idaho Mountain Express 
called for the end of the program.  For more information contact Scott 
Silver of Wild Wilderness at mailto:ssilver at or call 

COMMONS OR COMMODITY?  The Western Land Exchange Project has published a
report on land trades entitled "Commons or Commodity?"  The 104 page 
report outlines the history, policy and laws that are relevant to land 
trades, presents seven illustrative case studies, and offers 
recommendations for land exchange reform.  Copies of the report may be 
obtained by sending $15 to Western Land Exchange Project, PO Box 95545, 
Seattle, WA 98145-2545, mailto:blaeloch at for more information.


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