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LANDSCOPE: News and Views from American Lands - January 27, 2000


The Clinton Administration has proposed more than doubling the budget 
for the development of "bio-fuels" from crops, corn stalks and trees, 
according to Reuters.  The goal of the research is "making biomass a 
viable competitor to fossil fuels as an energy source and chemical 
feedstock," said a White House memorandum.  The budget request follows 
an Executive Order signed last August that proposes tripling the use of 
bio-fuels by 2010.

. . . At present, tens of millions of tons of trees are burned every 
year for energy production.  The  Administration's request to triple the 
use of bio-fuels will mean more native forests being cut for fuel.  A 25 
megawatt biomass power plant needs 275,000 tons of fuel a year - about 
the same consumption as a small chip mill.  Once the plant is built it 
must be fed.  Agricultural wastes and leftover woody materials cannot 
meet this demand.  A further concern is the involvement of Monsanto and 
others to develop genetically modified tree species for biomass.  For 
more information contact Denny Haldeman at mailto:denny at or 

REWILDING THE WILDERNESS: The Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact 
Statement (SDEIS) and management plan for the Frank Church-River of No 
Return Wilderness in Idaho would lead to an increase in human 
disruptions and intrusions into the wilderness area, according to 
Wilderness Watch.  Aircraft and jetboats would have virtually unlimited 
access to the area and  the plan does nothing to reverse practices that 
have degraded wilderness conditions.  Wilderness Watch is supporting 
Alternative 9 of the SDEIS which would protect and restore wilderness.  
Please visit for more 
information to write the Forest Service in support of Alternative 9, or 
contact Wilderness Watch at 406/542-2048 or 
mailto:gnickas at

GRAND CANYON LAWSUIT: Opponents of a proposed gateway community at the
entrance to the Grand Canyon have filed suit to stop the development,
according to the Arizona Daily Sun.  The Forest Service approved a land 
swap that will enable the Canyon Forest Village developer to build 
hotel, residential and commercial facilities in Tusayan, Arizona.  For 
more information contact Janine Blaeloch of Western Land Exchange 
Project at mailto:blaeloch at or 206/325-3503.

ORV'S IN FLORIDA: Officials in Florida's National Forests - the Ocala, 
Osceola and Apalachicola - have a plan to limit the use of ORV's in 
certain areas, reports the Florida Journal. The forests have seen a 
steady increase in ORV users and a corresponding degradation to the 
forest ecosystem.  "People get into the forest and start spinning their 
wheels, and before they know it they've rutted up part of a water bank 
or some vegetation," said Terry Tenold.of the Forest Service in 
Tallahassee.  For more information contact Judy Hancock of the Florida 
Sierra Club mailto:pippa at or 904/752-5886.

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