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info399 at info399 at
Fri Jan 28 22:31:57 EST 2000

If you would like information on a Internet Banking Account!!
with NO MINIMUM deposit We give you $20 to open the Account.
also an Instant line of credit even if you have poor credit.
Just email for  bank245 at
and we will send the Info. Remember it is FREE!!
takes less than two minutes,and we'll put $20 cash into your
account to get you started.  What do you get?

     *  FREE $20 cash deposited in your checking account
     *  FREE money transfers (send money instantly to anyone's 
     *  No obligation, no minimum balance, no monthly fees
     *  Super-high interest on any money in your checking account
     *  FREE starter checks, and a FREE VISA debit card.
     *  plus, a whole lot more!

Send email with your First & Last name.
to bank245 at put send Info in subject line.
If you do not wish Info.
do nothing you will not be contacted again.


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