Low-Grade Markets, Oil Subsidies

Karl Davies karl at daviesand.com
Sun Jan 30 19:38:52 EST 2000

Larry Caldwell wrote:

> I have always been astonished that anyone heats their homes with fossil
> fuels.  The modern pellet stove is pollution free, over 90% efficient,
> and runs on renewable resources that don't contribute to additional
> atmospheric CO2 or global warming.  A minor modification would convert
> the fuel to pellet furnaces with all the convenience of central heat.

I've been hearing good things about pellet stoves.  But the pellets are made
out of sawdust, right?  So the source material has to be good enough to
saw.  Or you'd have to expend energy to convert non-sawtimber quality
material to sawdust.  I wonder how the energy costs would work out.

> That would give a great market for all the low grade wood products that
> are being burned in the woods right now, plus lots of paper products and
> other recycled wood that can't be turned back into useful products.

There's a good fuel cost comparison table at
http://www.pelletheat.org/fuel/fuels.shtml.  Now if oil wasn't subsidized,
and therefore cost $.50 more per gallon...

Karl Davies, Practicing Forester

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