Low-Grade Markets, Oil Subsidies

Larry Caldwell larryc at teleport.com
Mon Jan 31 09:29:42 EST 2000

In article <3894D99C.C6BF307F at daviesand.com>, karl at daviesand.com writes: 
> I've been hearing good things about pellet stoves.  But the pellets are made
> out of sawdust, right?  So the source material has to be good enough to
> saw.  Or you'd have to expend energy to convert non-sawtimber quality
> material to sawdust.  I wonder how the energy costs would work out.

I don't know how much it costs to run a tub grinder, but it's not much in 
comparison to the amount of materials you can grind.

On a related note, I just found out that the the largest local sawmill 
buys all the wood waste from the local dump.  They use it to run their 
electric co-generation facility, which preserves their sawdust for more 
profitable operations.

-- Larry

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