The Rainforest Myth

Karl Davies karl at
Sun Jul 2 07:22:49 EST 2000

Tim O'Flaherty wrote:

> Karl Davies wrote in message <395F2806.43A477D at>...
> >Fast forward to 2000.  Now he's a big celebrity for providing oral services
> >to big timber corporados in British Columbia.
> Thanks for confirming my doubts about this story.  It would be nice if true
> but while tropical hardwoods *do* grow on trees they don't grow that fast.
> "Oral services to big timber"    !!!!!  ROTFLMAO

Ol' Patty will probably get a nomination for the Year 2000 Forestry Fellatio
Award for this one.  It's a beaut.

What people need to realize is that some of the major Indonesian and Malaysian
timber corporados are already moving into the Amazon region big time.  They've
whacked all the big trees where they come from, and they have their beady little
eyes set on the Amazon now.  The big North American timber corporados probably
won't be far behind them.


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