The Rainforest Myth

Joseph Zorzin redoak at
Sun Jul 2 20:58:05 EST 2000

Kevin Davie wrote:

> Karl.
> Excellent article and has many parallels here in BC. Unfortunately, as
> Patrick alludes to, no one is interested in facts. Through lies, distortion
> and mis-information, the key environmental groups have to keep these issues
> alive or their funding will disappear. Today in BC, environmental activism
> is a growth industry. Unfortunately, these kinds of groups are supressing
> real environmental and conservation activities. Slowly, the public is
> getting more aware of the issues and it's getting harder for Greenpeace and
> others to find an issue that has not been debuncked.
> No one wants to admit there has been change if that admission results in no
> paycheck.

Of course, some groups like Earth First! have no structure, no leaders, no
money- real grass roots movements- so less likely to get corrupted.

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