The Rainforest Myth

Steve Mezik stmezik at
Thu Jul 20 20:48:04 EST 2000

Statistics is a wonderful tool, but like most tools...if it is used
incorrectly then it can be dangerous. Organiizations tend to inflate
numbers to drive a point home. Organizations such as Greenpeace, Bat
Conservation International and a host of others have used inflated
numbers to bring increased power to their cause.  Wasnt it a few years
ago that we hear that bats eat thousands of mosquitos a night? This was
false, and I asked a representative why they inflated the numbers. The
answer was that most people wont question it and even fewer will know
enough about the subject to argue it.

My point in all this is are we doing the public as well as our causes an
injustice by not stating the truth? 
Any hint of dishonesty will taint even the best of intentions.
Concerning the rain many of you have working knowledge of
the forests? have you spent time in the forests? Have you made sure that
what you are stating is fact versus the fantasy? In this regard i
challenge anyone who wishes to trully make a difference to make an
effort to question even those good intentions. Patric Moore may very
well work for the timber interests, but to counter his arguments with
falsehood will NEVER accomplish a goal.

Steven T. Mezik

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