EPA Chief Browner came from Environmentalist Background.

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June 2000

EPA Chief Browner came from Environmentalist Background with Nader
brings former colleagues into agency which controls water

By JAMES RONALD SKAINS (Published in The Piney Woods Journal, Volume 4,
number 1)

The 45 year old Carol. M. Browner was appointed Administrator of the
Federal EPA that has
over 20,000 employees and an annual budget of $7 billion, upon the
special request of Vice
President Al Gore.

Browner, a native of Miami, Florida, received a law degree from the
University of Florida before
going to work for the Ralph Nader founded nationwide consumer and
environmental lobbying
group, Citizen Action.  It was while employed at Citizen Action that she
met her husband,
Michael Podhorzer.

Still married and living together in Washington, DC, Michael Podhorzer
works for the Citizen
Fund 501(c)(3) division of the Citizen Action group.  Citizen Fund has
an annual budget of over
$4 million for its lobbying efforts.

The Citizen Action arm of the large lobbying group claims over 3 million
members nationwide
with affiliates and chapters in 30 states, making it the largest
environmental lobbying group of its
kind.  Both the Citizen Action and the Citizen Fund receive large grants
each year from the
Chicago based Joyce Foundation.

Many Piney Woods Journal readers will connect the “Joyce" name with the
old Tremont Lumber
Company once  located near Winnfield.  The "Joyce Foundation" was
established after the sale of
the Joyce, Louisiana based Tremont Lumber Company to Crown Zellerbach in
the mid-1970's.

The Joyce Foundation is a member of the Environmental Grantmakers
Association and was
endowed by heiress Beatrice Joyce Kean, who died in 1971. The Joyce
Foundation funds the
Environmental Defense Fund, The Tides Foundation Environmental Working
Group, and the
Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund, among others.

In her early days, Carol Browner served as a staffer in the Florida
House of Representatives, then
a legislative assistant to Lawton Chiles, and later as Secretary of the
Florida Department of
Environmental Regulations..

Carol Browner also served as Transition Director for Vice President   Al
Gore in 1992 before
becoming EPA Administrator.  Browner has put together an impressive
management team at Fed
EPA that reads like a "pseudo environmentalist" Alumni association.

Kathleen Aierno, formerly with the Clean Water Action Group, is Deputy
Administrator, EPA Office of Administration and Resource Management.
David Doniger,
formerly with the Natural Resources Defense Council, is now Senior
Counsel to EPA and
Assistant secretary for Air and Radiation.

J. Charles Fox, who sat next to Buck Vandersteen in a Washington, DC.
meeting in April to
discuss the new proposed EPA Regs, was formerly with the Friends of the
Earth Group.
Currently Fox is a special assistant to EPA Administrator Browner.

David M. Gardiner of the Sierra Club is now Assistant EPA Administrator
for Policy Planning and
Evaluation. Jean Nelson, EPA General Counsel was formerly with the
Natural Resources Defense

Mary D. Nichols, before becoming Associate EPA Administrator for Air and
Radiation, was with
both the Tennessee Environmental Action Fund and the Southern
Environmental Law Center.  D.
Reid Wilson, another Sierra Club Political Action Committee member, is
now Director of Public
Liaison Division, EPA Office of Communications, Education and Public

These are but a few of the top echelon of current EPA officials who were
recruited from
"environmental groups" to fill sensitive positions with the EPA under
Browner's reign.  The new
EPA regs are also known as the "rainwater regs" as they allow the Fed
EPA to design plans to
control the rainfall that falls on private property.

In particular, the new EPA Regs proposed by Browner change the status of
forestry and
agriculture from "non point" sources of pollution under the Clean Water
Act to "point" source
which is the same category as discharged water from manufacturing

The new “rainwater regs" pushed by Browner that would require harvesting
permits, the
construction of catch basins and sediment ponds on forest land are set
to go into effect at the end
of June without Congressional approval.  Browner’s EPA argues with the
backing of the
Clinton/Gore Administration that congressional action is not necessary
to make the new EPA regs
Federal Law.

The Federal EPA is unlike many Federal agencies in that its regulations
have the force of law.
Also, the agency can not only jail people but it can close factories and
industry operations and it
can override the judgments of local authorities.  The Fed EPA makes
millions of dollars in grants
each year to numerous environmental groups and funds numerous
“scientific studies” to
substantiate their regulatory actions.

Other advisors and policy makers in the current Clinton/Gore
Administration with direct ties to
environmental groups include George Frampton, former Wilderness Society
president, now
director of the council on Environmental Quality.  Also, included on the
list of advisors are Arlie
Schardt, president of the Environmental Media services and Eileen

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