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According to NATS Current News, June-July, 2000, Vol 18, No. 3:

Come - See - Count
JUNE 16-17, 2000
Champoeg State Heritage Park

Botanists - Entomologists - Ornithologists - Mycologists -
Herpetologists - Ichthyologists - Bacteriologists - Mammalogists -
Malacologists - Aquatic Invertebrate Zoologists

For one intense 24-hour period, scientists will count as many species as
they can. 3:00 P.M. Friday, June 16, 2000 to 3:00 P.M. Saturday, June
17, 2000 WHY: To remind people biodiversity isn't just a rain forest
thing. It is all around us.

BIOBLITZ: an international race against the clock, coming for the first
time to the western U.S. It is a 24 hour qualitative census of
biodiversity conducted by volunteer efforts of scientsts and interested
people to identify and coiunt as many species from as many taxa as
possible. The first BioBlitz was sponsored by the National Park Service
and the National Biologial Service in 1996. Since then BioBlitzes have
taken place sponsored by:

- The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.
- The Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh
- The Philadelphia Academy of Science
- Harvard scientsts at Walden Pond
- The New York State Biodiversity Research Instittute
- The Connecticut State Museum of Natural History

Champoeg is a wonderfully diverse site, with 615 acres. It has upland
meadows, wet meadows, oak savannah, ash swales, 2nd groth Douglas fir, 3
1/2 miles of Willamette River shoreline, and 3 perennial creeks. With a
little luck, we might top the list of past BioBlitzes. All interested
persons are encoiuraged to participate, either in field collection or
identifying finds.
	Champoeg State Park has set aside three group tent amp areas and two
goup picnic sites for BioBlitz campers. (Oak Grove #6 & 7). There will
be free camping for all participants for Friday night, June 16, 2000,
and reservations are not required. persons wishing to camp on Thursday,
Satuirday or Sunday will have to make reservations and pay for sites.
For more information on campsite availability, and to make reservations,
call Reservations Northwest at 1-800-452-5687.
	When you arrive for camping, go to the registration booth in the
campground. A park employees will give you a pass and direct you to the
BioBlitz camping area. The BioBlitz stagin area is at the Champoeg
Visitor Center.
	Areas are set up for tent camping. Each area has a fir ring/pits,
tables and grassy areas for setting up tents. Each area has potable
water and electric outlet. RV's will park and set up in a field
adjoining the tent camping area. No electric-water or sewer connections
ofr RV's. Restroom facilities available, and participants are welcome to
use the shower facilites in the campground, about 1/4 mile from the
BioBlitz camping area.
	Full 24 hour participation is not mandatory. There will be field
crews working around the clock, rain or shine. If you can spend an hour,
or a few hours, your participation will be welcomed.
	To sign up, contact the BIOBLITZ CHAMPOEG sponsors:
Dale Shank
ds at

Dennis Wiley
503-678-1251, ext 230
dennis.wiley at

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