Where should we have drawn the line?

Don Staples dstaples at livingston.net
Sat Jun 17 00:06:35 EST 2000

The sad part is I agree with Wiant for different reasons.  He denounces the
decline of the SAF, the USFS, and the prestige of the profession, as do I.  An
SAF former leader that dares attack the White Castle, unheard of till the web
showed up.  I had to read the thing several times to try and ascertain what
level he was on, and decided he dislikes the fall of the profession.   An old
line forester who sees it as it is.

We have the revolutionists in Mass challenging their state system, and any other
system, yet, there is not change in the woods.  We have the enviros with their
street troops disrupting jobs and demanding bell jar preservation, and the
politics change to accommodate them.  We have a USFS that is decried, lead by a
non forester, what could we expect?

Monty Python at their best.  You can hear John Cleese reading  Wiants statement.

Your balance is where the profession used to be, and should be again.

Larry Harrell wrote:

> Thanks, Don, for bringing us this wonderful near-comedic piece of oration.
> Sprinkled with tiny bits of wisdom, these quotes will probably be used by
> those preservationists that so selfishly want to save the forests for
> themselves and not see the "big picture". Personally, I balance precariously
> in the middle with the mindset of a true environmentalist and the keen aim
> of a seasoned timber beast. I don't just yap about theories, possiblities
> and what-ifs. I'm an artist in the woods, sculpting unhealthy modern forests
> into more natural, functioning eco-systems. I am making a real difference
> out in the woods, doing what is right.
> Larry

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